Computer Lab:

The Cañon City Public Library has a Public Computer Lab located in the lower level of the building.  To access the Computer lab patrons can take a main stairwell or an elevator down to the lower level.

The Library’s Computer Lab consists of:

  • Public access computers that have access to the Internet as well as:
  • Microsoft Office Programs including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.
  • Three of these Public Computers are timed for Express use of up to 20 minutes.
  • All Public Access computers are connected to a central printer and can have items printed from the Internet or above programs.
  • The Computer Lab also has a photocopy machine that can make copies of physical documents or photos up to legal document size (8.5″ x 14″).

The computers can be accessed by a Patron’s valid Cañon City Public Library card or with a Guest Pass provided by staff.

All printed / copied pages cost $0.25 per page.  Cash or checks are accepted as payment.  Sorry, we cannot process debit/credit cards at this time.

Youth Department:

In the Youth Department of the Cañon City Public Library there are child-friendly and Internet filtered public computers with touchscreen capabilities.  To access the Youth Department patrons can take a main stairwell or an elevator up to the second floor.

The Cañon City Public Library also offers a free public WiFi connection for patrons that bring in their own electronic devices.